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The newest standard requires that fire-rated doors be tested for functionality no less than annually and that a written record of the inspection be kept on file for the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). LSS’ fire door inspection protocol is one of the industry’s most detailed.

Why a PMA?

  • Certified Fire Door Technicians
  • Nationwide Service
  • Detailed Inventory of All Fire Door in Your Facility
  • NFPA 80 Code Compliance Guarantee
  • Web-Based Reporting with Digital Documentation
  • No Surprise Door Repair Costs
  • Regularly ready for AHJ surveys
  • Lower Overall Maintenance and Repair Costs with a Constant Maintenance Program
  • Fixed Price per Door, Each Year: level your spending on door repairs

LSS Life Safety Services Fire Door Preventative Maintenance Agreements provide you the peace of mind to inspect and repair all of your swinging doors across all your facilities, nationwide. This protection plan offers significant pricing advantages over individual pricing for each facility. LSS will manage the scheduling of inspections and repairs, ensuring all critical deadlines are met. All of our employees are factory-trained, guaranteeing a uniform level of service across all facilities and LSS technicians hold multiple fire door inspection certifications from industry-best organizations such as the Door and Hardware Institute and the International Fire Door Inspector Association.

Fire Door PMA (2)

*Excluded door and/or frame replacement, electric hardware, anti-ligature hardware, concealed closers, and/or full hardware replacement



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