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February is Black History Month and to celebrate Black History as an intrinsic part of history itself, we wanted to spend some time learning about Black inventors and pioneers whose inventions had a direct effect on the services LSS Life Safety Services® offers to our customers. Check out the image slider below to learn about some Black inventors who shaped the way we do our work today!



Daniel McCree - Inventor of the Portable Fire Escape Ladder

In 1890, Daniel McCree patented the portable fire escape ladder with such details and specific techniques that many of the similar life saving devices that exist today still draw on his design.


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Thomas J Martin - Fire Extinguisher Pioneer

Thomas J Martin is not the original inventor of the fire extinguisher, but he is recognized as improving the current design with a much more efficient design as well as creating the system that was used to build water sprinkler systems.

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George Carruthers - Inventor of the UV Camera

George Carruther's invented the UV camera, a device used in many safety inspections today, but his work was also heavily applied in his field of study - physics and astronomy.

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