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LSS Life Safety Services understands the importance of finding a contractor that you can trust.  We also realize the difficulties in finding a contractor that is available to your facilities Nationwide, without compromising the quality of service performed.  By specializing solely on passive fire protection inspections, LSS Life Safety Services’ project managers and technicians are highly experienced in the processes and nuances involved in working in a variety of facilities, including hospitals, office buildings, research laboratories, and manufacturing plants.  Experience, knowledge, and professionalism are mandatory when dealing with the critical importance of NFPA’s Life Safety Code.  Take advantage of the superior quality LSS Life Safety Services can offer by joining our National Account Program.


There are multiple benefits to joining LSS National Accounts Program, the first being dedicated time management.  By joining the National Account Program, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager to address your facility or groups individual needs, concerns, or special requests.  Also, through our National Account Program you will receive standardized pricing and volume discounts for all of your passive fire protection needs.  We also offer LSS Nation Accounts members customized invoicing by working with your team to determine the best record keeping and invoice practices in order to simplify your accounting procedures.


Other benefits of joining LSS National Accounts Program include site-specific work requirements, meaning our team will work with yours to schedule an inspection time that works best.  Also, the LSS National Accounts Program offers our customers uniformity.  You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all standards are being met and your expectations are being exceeded.  The program also offers secure documentation and reporting through our custom software, LSS Site Surveyor.  Accessing reports from any facility are available electronically by using your own personalized company portal.  Finally, LSS will be become familiar with the policies and procedures necessary for working in your facilities, which will ultimately prove to be more cost effective and efficient for you. 

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