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There is only a little over a month left in the year, which means you’ve probably been working hard on your fire and life safety plan for the New Year. One service that should be included is Arc Flash Assessments. So why should you be concerned about Arc Flash and how can an Arc Flash Assessment help?

An Arc Flash is an intense release of injury caused by an electrical arc fault between two conductors. The flash and ensuing blast result in a violent explosion that contains intense heat and energy.  A typical arc flash incident can be minor but could easily produce a more severe explosion. And the results of an Arc Flash are devastating to both the equipment and workers. The destruction of equipment during an arc flash can result in expensive replacement costs and downtime. Severe burns are the most common injury to electrical workers and likely will result in permanent damage or death. Other injuries can include blindness, hearing damage and internal injuries from the blast. An Arc Flash is a serious Life Safety issue, which is why an Arc Flash Assessment is an essential part of a compliant electrical safety program.

An Arc Flash Assessment is the study of the electrical distribution system that is designed to determine the energy levels and the boundary distances. It identifies the degree of hazard, which allows worker to choose the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when working on the energized panel, including testing and troubleshooting.  Not to mention, it will assist in complying with the NFPA guidelines that are being enforced by OSHA inspectors.


Purpose of an Arc Flash Assessment:

  1. To prevent worker injury or death
  2. To minimize equipment damage
  3. To minimize system downtime
  4. To comply with codes and safety regulations
  5. To meet insurance requirements
  6. To avoid litigation expenses


Over all the reasons an Arc Flash Assessment should be part of your fire and life safety plan is for the safety of your company’s workers. OSHA regulations apply to every worker that may approach or be exposed to energized electrical equipment. If an Employer fails to conform to OSHA requirements, it can lead to employee injuries, inconvenient penalties, expensive fines and law suits. So don’t wait for an Arc Flash explosion, protect your workers, equipment and your building with an Arc Flash Assessment.

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