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 LSS makes it easier to do business with government facilities.


Through agreements with the United States General Services Administration (GSA), LSS Life Safety Services can now offer simplified procurement for federal agencies and other such customer with the ability to purchase through the Federal Supply System. Under our contract (No. GS‐21F‐0056X), LSS Life Safety Services is able to provide passive fire protection inspection services and repairs to government facilities throughout the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska and the District of Columbia. These services include fire damper inspections, smoke damper inspections, access door installation, fire and smoke damper repairs including installations, and fire door inspection services.

Fire and Smoke Damper Inspection Services on GSA Schedule

  • Locate, operate (i.e. actuate) all dampers in facility or otherwise identify inoperable dampers
  • Remove and reset fusible links on Fire Dampers and replace any fusible link that is compromised per NFPA Code
  • Manually activate actuators on electric and pneumatic smoke and combination damper to verify proper operation
  • Installation of access doors
  • Identify on customer’s drawings the location of each damper (AutoCAD available)

Fire and Smoke Damper Repair Services

  • Fire damper, smoke damper and combination fire and smoke damper actuator replacement/retrofit
  • Replacement and retrofit of electric and pneumatic actuators
  • Replacement and installation of damper
  • Fire and Smoke Damper Installation Services

We have been working on this GSA Contract for awhile now (lots of paperwork) and are very excited to finally have our contract number!

Our GSA Contract Products:

SIN 541-099 Fire and Smoke Damper Inspections

SIN 541-099 Fire Door Inspections

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