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What is the anatomy of a fire door....and why?! 

"The key purpose of a fire rated door is to provide a cost effective prevention method designed to save lives and minimize damage in the event of a fire." - ASTAAmerica


So what are the key parts of a fire door and how do they keep facilities safe?

Anatomy of a Fire Door


Correctly installed and annually inspected fire doors are key in to barring oxygen from feeding a fire. Fire doors create an airlock with the automatic closure device, slowing the spread of fire on both sides of the door assembly. 


Why Fire Doors?

Safety - fire rated doors ensure safer environments 

Durability - fire doors are made with array of durable materials, meant to meet NFPA specifications

Customization - fire doors can be fitted to the needs of your building 


Fire doors are a crucial part of your facilities' barrier management system. Learn more about Fire Door Inspection, Installation, Maintenance, and Labeling here.

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