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Fire door labeling ranks at the top of the 13-point inspection checklist during an inspection. According to our data, painted or missing fire rated door labels are two of the top ten reasons for deficiencies in fire doors and frames. Deficient fire door labels could result in costly fines so it is important to stay on top of the annual fire door inspections that are required by code and ensure all safety features are intact.


Per the NFPA 80 Code, all fire doors and frames are required to have a fire rated certification label. Label information includes the manufacturer, the fire-resistance rating, if the opening needs fire exit hardware, and if the door has a temperature rise rating or is a smoke door assembly. The fire door labels may also provide the manufacturer’s number to access more information about the door’s original construction. Fire rated labels are typically made of metal, paper or plastic, but may be allowed to be printed into the door item. These labels should not be painted over or removed at any point in time. Fire door labels should stay flawless in order for the AHJ to be able to clearly read it.


NFPA 80 – Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives:


4.2.1 – Listed items shall be identified by a label.


4.2.2 – Labels shall be applied in locations that are readily visible and convenient for identification by the AHJ after installation of the assembly.


Per NFPA 3.2.3 - Equipment or materials to which has been attached a label, symbol or other identifying mark of an organization that is acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction and concerned with product evaluation, that maintains periodic inspection of production of labeled equipment or materials, and by whose labeling the manufacturer indicates compliance with appropriate standards or performance in a specified manner.


Fire door assemblies and their components are to be listed and labeled per NFPA 4.2.1 The following are approved certified labeling entities:

  • Intertek (Warnock Hersey)
  • FM Global
  • Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) - approved to perform safety testing by US Federal Agency OSHA. UL conducts safety and quality test on a broad range of products, from fire doors to CCTV cameras.  The laboratory provides a full spectrum of conformity and quality assessment services to manufacturers and other organizations. It also assists jurisdictional and provincial authorities, offers educational materials to consumers, and works to strengthen safety systems around the world.           

Fire Door Ratings (Typical Ratings in the United States)

A – 3 Hours

B – 60 or 90 minutes

C – 45 minutes

Smoke Door - 20 minutes


LSS technicians will analyze and review the material and construction of the three major components of the fire door assembly – the door, the frame, and the kick plate. In the final analysis, they will apply the appropriate time-rated label as required by code.


Fire door and frame labels provide AHJs, building owners and inspectors’ proof of inspection. Contact your team of professionals today to schedule a fire door inspection followed by the installation of code compliant fire door labels.

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