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Fire Damper Inspection Certification Required

Dampers are an important part of a building’s fire protection system. Both fire and smoke dampers are specifically designed to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke through the ductwork of a facility by cutting off any passageways. According to NFPA 80 and 105, damper inspections are required every six years in healthcare facilities and every four years in non-healthcare facilities. Unfortunately, damper inspections present a number of challenges no matter what industry you are in. There has been a huge shift in how safety is viewed within organizations. Many Companies are now adopting a prevention-based approach but are learning that the cost of hiring a third-party inspection company to perform the inspection is creating restrictions on facility budgets. A facility manager’s job is harder than ever. Sometimes it is just easier to do the work yourself. However you need a fire damper inspection certification first!

You cannot perform a damper inspection unless you have the proper training and certification! It’s important to understand the codes behind them as well as the different types of dampers and their functions. The performance of fire and smoke dampers could mean life or death during a fire emergency. So how can you perform a fire damper inspection when a certification is required? The answer is to seek out the training you need to do so from a reputable company.

LSS Life Safety Services® has been performing fire safety inspections in over 25,000 facilities across the globe, and found that most facilities were spending time justifying risks after an accident rather than trying to detect or prevent them. Thus Safenetix, the newest brand under the LSS Holdings umbrella, was introduced to help companies train their employees on the skillsets they need to perform these test and inspections themselves.

Safenetix is an online safety training company, leveraging the latest technology to equip clients with the skillsets they need to ensure that the installation, inspection and best safety practices in facilities are carried out properly, effectively and consistently. To keep up with growing demand, Safenetix is transferring knowledge in the fire and life safety inspections arena and sharing with you, facility experts, the knowledge needed to keep facilities safe. Once you’re trained, you’ll be prepared with the tools you need to perform the inspection in the field.

Fire and life safety professionals will provide you with the information you need to better understand the functionality of fire and smoke dampers and their role in your facility’s fire safety, as well as code requirements and testing protocol per code.

  • Overview of code requirements by NFPA – including NFPA 80, NFPA 105 and NFPA 101. Additional code information is covered in regards to the IBC, IFC and the Canadian Building Code requiring damper testing and maintenance
  • Basic information on how to read Life Safety Drawings to locate dampers as well as how to read Blueprints for HVAC systems
  • How to recognize installation issues and field modifications, and training to verify accepted exceptions of AHJ
  • How to properly perform a fire and smoke damper inspection per code requirements
  • Acquire fire safety training
  • Reporting requirements and best practices

Interested in learning how to perform these fire and smoke damper inspections? Click Here to get started with your online learning or download the app.

Safenetix also offers onsite training! For more information, Contact Us Here to arrange an on-site training visit.

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Freya Stevenson

Written by Freya Stevenson

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