Aug 19, 2021 6:11:00 AM / by Freya Stevenson

When most people see a door, it’s just a door. As fire and life safety professional, we see a fire-rated door that could help prevent the spread of fire, while keeping you safe during evacuation. There are many parts that going into making a fire door work. However, that means there is a higher chance for parts to become deficient, and cause a fire door to be out of compliance with fire codes. So why is it important to work with a fire door certification company help keep your facility’s fire doors in compliance?

According to LSS Life Safety Services inspection data, painted or missing fire rated door labels are two of the top ten reasons for deficiencies in fire doors and frames. NFPA 80 requires that all fire door openings (both doors and frames) are required to have a fire rated certification label clearly visible for the AHJ and should not be removed or painted over during the life of the building.

To help guarantee complete safety; every part of the fire door must work perfectly during an unexpected emergency. To ensure personal safety the NFPA 80 has created a list of requirements for fire door inspections. Fire rated labels are a major requirement for fire doors.

NFPA 80 – Standard for Fire Rated Doors Labels:

4.2.1 – Listed items shall be identified by a label.

4.2.2 – Labels shall be applied in locations that are readily visible and convenient for identification by the AHJ after installation of the assembly.

To see the full list of requirements, please visit the list here.

Every fire door must have a fire rated label that is legible for the duration of the door. These fire rated labels prove that the openings and frame have been tested and met the required standards. These fire rated door labels are usually made with metal, paper or plastic materials. Sometimes, the label is printed right onto the door itself. The fire door label contains important information about that specific fire door and frame.  Here is what the fire rated door label includes:

  • Manufacturer information
  • Fire-Resistance rating
  • If the opening needs to be furnished with exit hardware
  • If the door has a temperature rise rating
  • If it is a smoke door assembly
  • Sometimes includes a number to contact the manufacturer

Each fire door and frame label provides AHJs, which is a building owners or inspectors’ proof that the fire doors and door assemblies have been properly inspected and tested. If the label is missing or has been painted over, then there is no proof that the door was inspected and meets the required standards, which puts everyone in the building at risk. This is why it is important to work with a fire door certification company.

The technicians will analyze and review the material and construction of the three major components of the fire door assembly – the door, the frame, and the kick plate, and apply the appropriate time-rated label as required by code. Guaranteeing that the fire door is in compliance and working properly.

A fire rated door label can save lives, prevent injuries, and lessen property damage in case of a fire. Stay NFPA 80 compliant with fire rated door labels that prove your facility or building is safe for everyone who enters.

For more information about working with a fire door certification company to keep your fire doors in compliance, Contact Us Here or call 888.675.4519

LSS Life Safety Services® is ANAB/ ISO 17020 Certified to provide Field Verification of Fire Resistance ratings to re-label fire door assemblies.


Freya Stevenson

Written by Freya Stevenson

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