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Damper Inspection, Damper Repair, smoke dampers, smoke damper inspections, smoke damper repairs

How Do Smoke Dampers Work?

There are many aspects of a building’s fire barriers that are designed to help prevent the spread of fire as well as ...

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Life Safety Consulting, Fire & Life Safety Services, Fire and Life Safety, Mock Survey

Life Safety Consulting: Expect The Unexpected With A Mock Survey

As we continue to move through the year, your facility’s Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) survey may be coming up ...

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Life Safety Services, passive fire protection, fire barriers, Firestopping, Firestop Survey, Firestop Installation, Compartmentalization, fire barrier management, Fire and Life Safety

There's No Firestopping Us Now

In the event of a fire emergency, ensuring your building occupants have a quick and safe evacuation route is of the ...

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Fire Door Labeling, Life Safety Services, NFPA 80, Fire Door Repair, Door Repair

Can You Repair A Fire Door?

If you have ever had to replace hardware from a fire-rated door with a new device, you know that the mounting holes on ...

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Damper Inspection, Damper Repair

How Do You Prepare For Your Next Damper Inspection?

We have made it to August, which means there is only four more months left of the year. Now may be the time for your ...

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Life Safety Services, Life & Fire Safety, Life Safety Services, Fire & Life Safety Services, Fireproofing, Fire and Life Safety

Be Prepared For A Fire With Fireproofing

As we all embrace the heat, I can’t help but think about all the potential fire risks. Fortunately, summer fires peak ...

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Life Safety Services, Fire & Life Safety Services, Firestop Installation, firestop, Firestopping Required, Fire and Life Safety, firestop in new construction

Firestopping In New Construction Is Important

  One minute and thirty seconds is all it takes for a modern room to become completely engulfed in flames and smoke. ...

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